Holtz calls group Evers’ ‘hit squad’

Holtz calls group Evers’ ‘hit squad’
Lowell Holtz campaign Facebook page

State superintendent candidate Lowell Holtz says a liberal advocacy group is the “hit squad” for incumbent Tony Evers.

Holtz made the accusation about One Wisconsin Now in a statement Wednesday. It came after the Wisconsin Elections Commission rejected a complaint One Wisconsin Now had made alleging that Holtz broke election law by offering a job to a former opponent in the race.

Holtz calls on Evers “reject the politics of personal destruction practiced by his hit squad at One Wisconsin Now.” Holtz also says he doesn’t believe that Evers isn’t involved with the group.

Evers didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. But One Wisconsin Now director Scot Ross says Holtz should “stop calling names” and apologize.