Holmen boy close to tackling Packers jersey record

Holmen boy close to tackling Packers jersey record

We all know that when it comes to Wisconsin sports, specifically the Green Bay Packers, fans are in a category all their own.

From going shirtless at Lambeau Field in below-zero temps to wearing massive blocks of cheese on their heads, they are, to say the least, a dedicated group of people.

It seems that nothing is too extreme for Packer fans, which is why we checked back in with a Holmen boy who has been wearing his Aaron Rodgers jersey for almost 1,500 days.

One hundred and six days are all that’s standing in the way of 13-year-old David Pehl breaking the 2008 record of the most consecutive days wearing a Packers jersey.    

It’s been a long four years, but he is determined to go all the way.

“He’s got a nice little collection going,” said Dave Pehl, David’s father.

David has been a Packer fan all his life, but about four years ago his dedication took on a life of its own.

“Christmas Eve, 2010,” said David.

“He put it on that day, literally that evening that he got it, and went to bed in it.” said Pehl. (He) woke up, opened Christmas day presents and then kept wearing it the next day and the day after that.”

Since then, David has worn his Rodgers jersey every single day.

“It’s been to the Gulf of Mexico when we were down there on our spring break trip. It survived a couple of one-week adventures at Boy Scouts camp,” said Pehl.

No matter the day or time of day, the jersey always tags along.

“Either my son is growing or the shirt is shrinking,” said Pehl.

David is patiently running out the clock until he breaks a record set by a boy in Connecticut who wore Brett Favre’s Packer jersey for 1,581 days in a row.

“So we have 106 days to go,” said Pehl.

It hasn’t always been easy. There was a time or two that they almost fumbled and lost the jersey after hand-washing it.

“We were in a panic that morning,” said Pehl.

“I was worried the record was going to be lost,” said David.

But of course, they recovered.

“We found it between the washer and the dryer. It had slipped down,” said Pehl.

And because David refuses to wear anything else, the jersey is showing a lot of wear and tear.

“For four years we haven’t bought many shirts for him,” said Pehl. “When he is in the sunlight and if it hits the back the right way, you can see Rodgers on the back.”

But David said it’s a small price to pay when offered a trip of a lifetime to Lambeau Field.

Last August, David, his father, grandfather and best friend went to Green Bay.

“I saw Aaron Rodgers,” said David.

“(We) toured the entire stadium,” said Pehl. “We watched the Packers walk out of the dressing room.”

“We watched the Packers practice. I’ve got to admit, Clay Matthews is kind of a monster,” said Jordan Briskey, David’s best friend.

Then, as the tour guide was showing them the 50-yard line, Rodgers took the field.

“Aaron Rodgers came up behind me,” said David.

“David didn’t realize that it was actually Aaron Rodgers asking him questions until he turned around,” said Pehl.

“I turned around and said hi,” said David. “I got a signed jersey from Aaron Rodgers.”

He got the signed Rodgers jersey even though most of this family roots for the Minnesota Viking. However, he did manage to bring his little brother to the green and gold side

“The Vikings are getting beat a lot, so I would rather vote for the Packers,” said David’s younger brother.

With only a few short months to go to break the record, David isn’t quite sure when he will retire that jersey. But he already knows what he is going to wear once he hangs it up for good.

“I would go for a regular shirt,” said David.

David and his father have talked about trying to reach 1,612 days before taking off the jersey. That way they get Rodgers’ number in there again and make it a pretty hefty record for someone else to tackle.

This past year, David became a part-owner of the Packers when his grandfather decided to give David his share of the team.