Highway intersection in Milton to get safety upgrades

DOT sees significant number of crashes at Highway 26, Highway N

A high-traffic intersection in Milton where many crashes have occurred is about to get some safety upgrades.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said the intersection at Highway 26 and Highway N is the site of a significant number of crashes.

“Highway 26 and N, that’s actually a really bad intersection,” said Heather Jones, a Milton resident who lives near the intersection.

“There are a lot of accidents down there — probably two or three a year, and a lot of folks getting killed,” said Milton resident Leroy Cleasby.

In an effort to curb collisions, Milton Fire Chief Loren Lippincott said officials have tried a number of things to make the intersection safer, including lowering the speed limit to 45 mph on Highway 26.

“People continue to drive at the speed limit or faster through that intersection, and that’s where we have the problems,” Lippincott said.

There are stop signs and rumble strips on Highway N to slow down the traffic as it approaches the intersection.

“The (DOT) is aware of a fairly significant number of crashes, approximately six per year over that five-year period it was studied,” said Jeremy Hall, a DOT project manager.


Hall said a highway bypass will move about 1,400 vehicles a day off Highway 26 and onto a new interchange. Once the bypass is in place next fall, the existing Highway 26 will become Milton Road.

“Even after the bypass is in place, they need to slow down when they get to that intersection and really see what the other drivers are doing,” Lippincott said.

The DOT said it also plans to make the intersection a four-way stop.