Highland baseball ranked #1

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The Highland Cardinals stand at the top of the division four rankings. They boast a 16-1 record as they try to defend their Six Rivers Western Conference Championship. The team shares more than a sparkling record. They also share a brotherly bond. 

Austin Yager leads Highland on the field. On the mound, he’s nearly unhittable; and his bat strikes fear in opponents, as well . Yager’s teammate, senior Nate Robinson, knows the value of a player like Yager.

“With him throwing, don’t screw up too much and he’ll take care of it for us.”

Even though Yager possesses undeniable talent, his teammates won’t hesitate to motivate him in any way they see fit. When the rest of the Cards want to get a rise out of their star player, they refer to Yager as ‘Kitty.’ The nickname dates back to elementary school. Robinson knows Yager’s distaste for the nickname all too well.

“He hates it now, but if I really want to get his attention, I’ll yell it.”

Yager doesn’t mind a little lip from his buddies. These kids share a bond that goes back even farther than ‘Kitty.’ According to Robinson, they know just how to far to push Yager.

“Everyone can’t be motivated the same way and we do a good job of motivating them the right ways.”

Hard to argue with the results.