Higher demand for vaccines at News 3 Now Vaccine Day clinic at Lake Farm County Park

MADISON, Wis. — Officials with SSM Health say they’ve seen a higher demand for the “one-and-done” Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the News 3 Now Vaccine Day clinic at William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park Thursday, leading to a higher turnout than the first Vaccine Day clinic on May 13th.

The park also saw hundreds of kids get their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, who said they were excited to be able to see their friends again without masks as they head into summer break.

“I would just get it, it would help a lot of people out and we will be able to get back to normal a lot faster,” said Jaden Zana.

Kids say the process was quick and easy, and they didn’t feel anything when they got the shots.

“It doesn’t even hurt, just feels like a tap,” said Tristan Zana.

Clinics at Lake Farm County Park and the News 3 Now studios run until 7 p.m. Thursday.