Here’s to a satisfying next chapter for the Isthmus

Here’s to a satisfying next chapter for the Isthmus

As someone who had a front row seat to the birth of Isthmus newspaper 38 years ago, there is some nostalgia mixed into the news that co-founder Vince O’Hern and his wife, Linda Baldwin, have sold the venerable, alternative weekly.

We’re happy for them in this transition, and for what O’Hern described as a long and eventful ride.

It’s not easy to survive in that business for nearly four decades even if your motto is “To The Death.”

But more importantly, newspapers, especially alternative papers, have a special place in creating a sense of place for cities like Madison. And so do the publishers of those papers.

Vince and Linda accepted that role and, with participation in such important community organizations like the United Way Board and the Overture Center Board, to name a few, they made really valuable contributions to the place their newspaper was such a wonderful voice for.

We appreciate them, thank them, and wish them a satisfying next chapter.