Here are some of the features you can expect from Apple’s iOS 13

Here are some of the features you can expect from Apple’s iOS 13
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Apple users, get ready for some new features on your phones.

Apple users, get ready for some new features on your phones.

The latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 13, was revealed when the beta version rolled out June 3.

Here are 13 features you can expect from iOS13.

1. Dark mode

While some apps like Twitter and Facebook Messenger already offer dark mode on mobile, iOS 13 will incorporate a system-wide dark mode option which favors lighter text on dark backgrounds. Users will be able to customize times for when they would like to use dark mode, as well.

Dark mode is already available on computers with macOS Mojave. This setting is easier on your eyes and helps you focus, Apple says.

2. Easier access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth selection

Users will be able to quickly select a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network from the control center. Before, people had to go into settings to select a network.

3. Fewer spam calls

A new setting will allow you to silence an unknown caller. Calls from numbers that are not in your contacts will go straight to voicemail.

4. Need for speed

Apple says iOS 13 is the quickest operating system yet, with speedier app update, launch and download times. The company said users can also expect Face ID to work 30% quicker.

5. Smart battery charging

To prevent frying your phone’s battery, a new feature will allow you to stop charging once your battery reaches 80% instead of 100%.

6. Family hotspot sharing

Your family members, as well as your other Apple devices, will be able to connect to your phone’s hotspot when no internet connection is available.

7. ‘Siri, play my favorite song’

Have a song stuck in your head? You can ask Siri to play that song — or even a podcast — from an app like Spotify.

8. Photo and video editing

iOS 13 will make it easier to edit photos, with a revamp to the editing options in the photos app. In addition, users will be able to use photo editing tools on their videos, including rotating, cropping and adding filters.

9. Decluttering Safari

If you’re tired of manually deleting each and every Safari tab you’ve ever opened, iOS 13 has a perfect solution for you. It will allow you to close tabs automatically after one day, a week or a month.

10. Swipe to type

Apple will incorporate a swipe-to-type keyboard in iOS 13. You’ll never have to lift your finger to type out a word again. This keyboard allows you to slide your finger across the keyboard to form words instead of tapping on letters individually.

11. ‘Find My’ app

Apple has combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into one app.

12. Reminders gets an update

Reminders got an overhaul and includes shortcuts to make it easier to add times, details and additional documents. Siri will also suggest reminders to add based on your text messages.

13. Customize your Memoji

Apple is making it easier to customize your Memoji and make it look like yourself. You’ll be able to choose between various hairstyles, makeup and accessories like glasses and even braces.