Henry Vilas Zoo’s Arctic Passage exhibit receives top honors

Henry Vilas Zoo’s Arctic Passage exhibit receives top honors

Henry Vilas Zoo has received top honors for exhibit design for its Arctic Passage exhibit, according to a release.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums announced the Arctic Passage received top honors in AZA’s 2017 Exhibit Design Award for zoos with annual operating budgets under $5 million.

“This award is the highest honor in exhibit design, and recognizes the Henry Vilas Zoo for their dedication and expertise in designing a novel, immersive habitat that provides the best in animal care and welfare as well as a superior educational experience for visitors,” AZA President and CEO Dan Ashe said in a release.

AZA recognizes excellence in the areas of exhibit design and in providing visitors with the opportunity to engage in observing and learning about the animals.

“It is so exciting to see the Henry Vilas Zoo honored on the national stage for its outstanding Arctic Passage exhibit,” Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said in the release. “This recognition highlights the Zoo’s dedication to providing comprehensive exhibits that educate our guests and feature superb habitats for our animals. The AZA’s award will only further motivate our conservation and environmental education efforts at the Zoo.”

The completion of the Arctic Passage exhibit at the Henry Vilas Zoo turned 1.7 acres of land and outdated exhibits into state-of-the-art habitats that allow for visitors to connect directly to the animal residents that call Arctic Passage home, according to the release.