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Mounthoreb Td
Dr. Amanda Hatch & Dr. Brittany Burger

Dr. Amanda Hatch & Dr. Brittany Burger | Mt. Horeb Dental

Mt. Horeb Dental offers a truly unique dental experience. The moment you walk into their extraordinary new facility that a patient lovingly nicknamed House of Floss, you know that you are going to receive supreme care. Their family practice offers general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, and they are thrilled to be introducing specialists in orthodontics and endodontics to the community soon.

Focused on providing state-of-the-art dental services based on patient’s individual situations, the practice is built on relationships. It’s important to the practice that they get to know you, listen and fully understand your needs and desires for dentistry. Are you motivated by health, beauty, longevity, or something else? Every single member of Mt. Horeb Dental’s exceptional team takes great pride in providing patients exquisite care and service.

With much enthusiasm, Dr. Hatch says, “Our unique approach to restorative and aesthetic dentistry transforms and enriches patients’ lives, ultimately helping them walk through life with more confidence.” Dr. Burger agrees and confidently adds, “Our ability to significantly exceed our patients’ expectations is the primary reason so many of our patients recommend us to their friends and families.”

At a Glance
What our Patients Say: “There is so much heart, happiness and a healthy caring way of life under that one roof.  It’s like a big warm hug that you can’t wait to come home to.”
Years in practice:
Dr. Hatch: 11 years
Dr. Burger: 8 years
Location: 115 N Brookwood Drive, Mt. Horeb, 437-5519

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