Hayes says schools should decide how much to pay players

Badger basketball player Nigel Hayes said schools should decide how much to pay players in statements from a deposition that became public Thursday, according to CBS Sports.

Hayes testified in Madison on March 4 as a part of a NCAA lawsuit seeking payment for men’s college basketball and football athletes.

“I’m saying that it should be left to the schools to decide how much each player should get [in payments],” Hayes testified according to CBS Sports. “And I have no reason to believe that the schools would give the players less than we already receive. But I do have a feeling, and a belief, that we would receive more.”

CBS Sports said parts of Hayes’ deposition were filed by the NCAA and 11 major conferences that are being sued for capping compensation at scholarship costs for players. The NCAA and conferences worry scholarships for other athletes would be cut if certain players are paid.

CBS Sports reported Hayes is not looking for damages, but rather an injunction. He has not commented on whether athletes in non-revenue sports should be paid, but does not believe basketball and football players being paid would mean fewer opportunities for non-revenue athletes.