Groups launch Transformational Justice Campaign in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — More than 100 leaders from across Wisconsin gathered at the Capitol on Thursday to launch what they’re calling the Transformational Justice Campaign.

The campaign aims to promote policies to keep people out of prison and those behind bars while they’re incarcerated and when they’re released. A number of organizations, including WISDOM, EX-Incarcerated People Organizing and the FREE Campaign are involved in the effort.

Tamra Oman, the statewide director of the FREE Campaign who herself spent time in jail, spoke about the importance of the effort.

“I was homeless before I went to prison. There was no access to supportive, dignified housing and treatment,” she said. “I have four mental health diagnoses that are inaccurate that I was given during that time that follow me everywhere I go.”

WISDOM is also fighting against the liberal use of extended supervision in Wisconsin, which they call unethical and a budget buster.