Green County Woman Accused Of Leaving Husband On Floor With Stab Wound

A Green County woman is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly stabbing her husband earlier this month and leaving him helpless on the floor for hours.

The victim went to the emergency room in Monroe on Dec. 4 and told police that he had fallen while slicing an apple for his daughter the night before, stabbing himself in the chest. The victim?s lung was penetrated, according to Sheriff’s Department officials.

Police confirmed the story with the victim?s wife, Shannon L. Golackson, who said the stabbing was accidental and that the couple?s 22-month-old daughter wasn’t hurt.

On Dec. 17, the victim called Monroe police from the hospital and said his injury wasn’t the result of the fall, but that his wife had actually stabbed him during an argument. The victim told police the argument stemmed over where he had watched that day?s Green Bay Packers game, according to a criminal complaint.

He told police his wife first threw a knife at him, and then she stabbed him in the chest with a steak knife. The victim said he fell to the floor bleeding and he lay there for at least 8 hours, including while his wife went to bed. The victim said he was unable to get up or call for help. His wife refused to help him. Instead, she threatened to ?finish him off,? according to a criminal complaint.

The victim eventually convinced his wife to take him to the Monroe Clinic Hospital Emergency Room the following day if he agreed a cover story, according to the complaint.

Police said Golackson admitted to the victim?s mother that she had stabbed him.

Golackson was arrested on Dec. 19.

She is facing charges of aggravated battery, domestic abuse, intimidation of a victim and false imprisonment. She?s due in court on Jan. 31.