Governor says he has ‘no interest’ in higher vehicle fees

Governor says he has ‘no interest’ in higher vehicle fees

Gov. Scott Walker says he has “no interest” in raising vehicle registration fees as part of a plan to pay for Wisconsin roads.

Instead, Walker said Monday he is optimistic there will be enough money from general tax collections and other savings to balance the budget without raising taxes.

“For us I think there is more than enough revenue out there and I’m willing to work with them,” Walker said. “I’ve said repeatedly with my meetings with the legislative leaders that I think we can free up some more money.”

Walker last week refused to rule out higher vehicle registration fees to plug an estimated $1 billion transportation budget shortfall. Walker has promised to veto a gas tax increase.

Walker stopped short Monday of promising a veto of higher vehicle fees, instead saying he was “very confident we’ll reach a positive conclusion” with the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The Legislature’s budget committee held six hearings this month and plans to start voting on making changes to Walker’s budget next week.