Gov. Announces $1 Million In Grants To Support Drug Task Forces

Gov. Scott Walker announced Friday the Office of Justice Assistance has awarded $1 million in federal Byrne Assistance grants to support 18 drug task forces.

Drug task forces target gangs, drugs, firearms and associated criminal investigations. Wisconsin?s support of effective drug task forces benefits law enforcement across the state.

?Supporting this law enforcement capacity to fight crime helps keep Wisconsin?s streets and citizens safer,? said Walker in a statement. ?In partnership with Attorney General Van Hollen, we are leveraging multiple sources of funding to maximize the ability of these dollars to combat drugs in our state.?

The Department of Justice contributed $717,000 to support drug task forces from state Penalty Surcharge funds.

Wisconsin?s 18 drug task forces cover 56 of the state?s 72 counties, and eight of Wisconsin?s 11 tribes.

According to the state, the $1 million of Byrne JAG funding supports drug prosecutor positions, investigator positions, overtime for investigations, partial funding for Task Force Commanders, confidential fund expenditures, and equipment and supplies.