Gordon, White, Clement carry load

All three backs each rush for more than 100 yards in opener
Gordon, White, Clement carry load

The Badgers are no strangers to a strong running game.

Saturday against UMass, that tradition continued as three Badgers each ran for more than 100 yards.

James White took the lead, as he broke off a 47-yard run on the second play from scrimmage. That provided the spark the offense needed to get going; especially Melvin Gordon. 

“I’m talking to myself saying ‘You gotta get one Mel.’ It’s competition,” said Gordon.

Gordon didn’t disappoint. The Kenosha native broke off a 70-yard touchdown and ran for a team-high 144 yards.

Corey Clement, a freshman, made an impact as well. He scored a touchdown to go along with his 101 yards on 16 carries.

“Coach told me to get ready and I got a pit in my stomach. I’m thinking ‘All right, here’s my time.’ I don’t want to mess it up,” said Clement.

It was just the third time in team history three different backs ran for more than 100 yards in the same game.

New head coach Gary Andersen couldn’t be happier. 

“We’re very lucky to have three good players at that position,” said Andersen.