Glass Nickel Pizza Co. launches ‘Give Pizza Chance’ campaign to promote peace

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MADISON, Wis. — Glass Nickel Pizza Co. is launching a new program to help bring a bit of love to the Madison community.

The pizza company’s east side location will be donating five two-topping 14-inch pizzas per day to promote spreading love in the community.

“We just ask that you bring someone a pizza with LOVE in your heart. YOU are going to know who needs some love better than we ever could. We’ll make the pizza, you deliver the love,” the post reads. “This isn’t going to fix the troubles we face. But more love for each other can’t hurt, right?”

The pizzas are meant to serve as a way to reach out to friends, family, someone in need, or organizations doing important local work.

To reserve a “Peace Pizza,” call the east side store and say “I’d like to pick up a Peace Pizza, under the carry out phone number of 555-5555.” If the free pizzas have all been claimed for that day, Glass Nickel encourages trying again the following day.