Girl Scouts Day is back at the Capitol

MADISON, Wis. — Service, leadership, empowerment and deliciously sweet cookies are all key ingredients to the Girl Scouts’ long-lasting legacy.

In celebration of their 110-year anniversary, today, girls from across the state of Wisconsin gathered in the Capitol for a jam-packed day of fun activities and an opportunity to make their voices heard.

Decorating colorful signs, giving soapbox speeches, and casting their first ballot, the girls made the most of the day celebrating community and sisterhood.

“There is something very very powerful about women working together to make the world a better place,” said Denise Schemenauer, CEO of Girl Scouts of Manitou Council. 

In states across the nation, troops are celebrating the lasting imprint the organization has had on our nation’s history. 

“I was up there just looking down and I was just thinking, Wow, all of these girls all across the state just coming here and celebrating being themselves. I just thought it was really amazing,” said Girl Scout Cadet Lily Zea.

The day’s activities centered on civic engagement and public service, allowing girls from pre-k to 12th grade to join in conversation with local lawmakers.

In one session, called “Girls Decide,” state representatives Francesca Hong and Sara Rodriguez explored the topic of voting with the scouts, explaining how a vote can help to shape the issues they care about most.

“We’re building tomorrow’s leaders, the people who are going to serve in the Senate, the people who are going to be the police officers, the people who are going to build community. And so Girl Scouts creates the next generation of those people that are going to make a difference for the world,” Schemenauer said. 

Expressing their gratitude for the lessons they have learned in the program, many girls said to continue their girl scout journey.

As their handbook says, “The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.” 

If you want to support a troop and the work that the Girl Scouts are doing in the community cookie season began earlier this month and will run through April 10.