Girl Scout troops set up shop outside local business

MADISON, Wis. — A local business is giving back to the community by offering their storefront as a place for Girl Scout troops to set up shop and sell their cookies.

Megan’s Custom Framing is pairing up with Girl Scout troops to give them a place to sell boxes of cookies.

The store usually serves as a gallery for artists to display their work. Artists also use the space as a creative outlet.

Owner Megan Wigtion says her goal is to help people in anyway she can. She says she understands it may be hard for Girl Scouts to sell cookies this year so she offered her storefront as a location for them to gain attention and sales.

“This was just kind of a step further for us to be able to kinda help a whole different group of kids, or people, and allow them to just use our storefront a little different than what might usually be used,” Wigtion said.

Girl Scout troops from the Madison area will be selling cookies outside Megan’s store starting Saturday. They will continue to sell every Friday and Saturday until April 17.

For more information, visit Megan’s Custom Framing Instagram or Facebook page.