Get ready for golf season

How to shave strokes off your golf game

Warm weather can only mean one thing – golf season is approaching. Before you hit the links make sure you are prepared for the new season with these tips.

Shake the rust off your chipping, pitching game: Before playing a round of golf, spend some time practicing to regain your touch when chipping or pitching. Golf Digest suggests warming up by first swinging the club in just one arm – practice the chip with your left hand only and the pitch with your right hand.

Prepare your swing: When starting out the golf season it’s important to spend some time warming up your swing. To start, Golf Digest suggests breaking your swing into parts — the stance, backswing, impact and finish. Once you’ve spent time working on each individual part, then put it all together.

Take a trip to the bunker: While you might try to avoid the sand traps during a round of golf, it’s important to practice your bunker shots just in case you end up there. Practice your stance and swing from different parts of the bunker to prepare yourself for the new golf season.

Prepare your grip: Before hitting the course take a look at the grips of your clubs. If they’re in good shape but just dirty, wash each one. If the grips are in poor condition then look into replacing them.

Get new shoes: Take care of your feet while walking the course by purchasing a new pair of golf shoes. At the very least, make sure you replace the cleats on your shoes.

Take inventory of your golf bag: Look at your golf bag and see what supplies you need to restock, such as aspirin, bandages, first-aid items, water, snacks, pens and pencils.