GALLERY: Top Photos of 2022

Madison Magazine editors look back at some of our top photos from 2022.

Madison Magazine editors look back at some of our top photos from 2022, from fantastic food shots to illustration, historical moments and portraits of incredible Madisonians.

A man holding binoculars is surrounding by pine branches filled with birds.

Photo by Patrick Stutz

(April 2022) I’m a fan of contributing photographer Patrick Stutz, who is known for his creative shots. What I love about this photo of BIPOC Birding Club of Wisconsin co-founder Dexter Patterson is the way Stutz and Burton captured Patterson’s joyful spirit. They also photoshopped in real birds from Patterson’s own photos, for that extra personalized, rare shot. -Maggie Ginsberg, senior editor

A black plate with plated vegetables sits against a dark green background.

Photo by Nikki Hansen. Dish by Sean Pharr.

(July) For a story on local vegetarian restaurant offerings I expected some pretty dishes given the variety of colors you can get from a palette of colorful vegetables but I didn’t expect every single photo to be absolutely stunning. These dramatic veggies had my mouth watering! -Sarah Frautschi, senior designer

A boy plays the piano while his sister sits on the staircase and listens through the wall.

Photo by Hillary Schave

(August) I immediately loved this photo by Hillary Schave showing the children of a Ukrainian refugee family enjoying a quiet moment while Daniil Bykov plays piano while sister Arina listens from the stairs. There’s something about Arina’s expression, given the context of the story, that had an impact on me. -Tim Burton, creative director

A woman stands on a dark basketball court with the basket behind her.

Photo by Darren Hauck

(January) I think the UW women’s basketball coach Marisa Moseley looks really powerful in this portrait taken by Darren Hauck. I love the lighting, the pose, the basketballs and the overall mood of the photo. -Andrea Behling, editor

The November 2022 cover of Madison Magazine.

Cover Photo by Patrick Stutz

(November) This was one of the most memorable photoshoots of 2022. The hand model (and one of my good friends) Danielle Lawry found the perfect ring for the shot the night before, and all of the freeze-dried goodies from Lily’s Magical Treats really made the photo. I’m also still obsessed with the stop-motion video photographer Patrick Stutz created after he snapped the cover shot. -Andrea Behling, editor

Photo from the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives (image ID: 74250), blended with new photo by Patrick Stutz

(February) The way photographer Patrick Stutz combined a historical photo and a current day photo of Abrahamson Reading Room is just stunning. Like Maggie Ginsberg writes, it is a “deft, child-inducing work,” indeed. -Andrea Behling, editor

I’ve always felt like the Wisconsin Historical Society’s reading room is Madison’s best-kept secret (and that it holds all kinds of secrets of its own), but I got chills when I saw Patrick Stutz’s incredible overlay of a 1914 archival photo seamlessly blending into a 2022 photo he took standing in the same spot. -Maggie Ginsberg, senior editor

Picnic spread against a grassy background and picnic blankets/placemats includes plates and napkins with spreads of food.

Photo by Chris Hynes

(August) The ultimate guide to local picnics

Illustration depicts Michael Muckian driving Bruce Springsteen with crewmates.

Illustration by Jeffrey Smith

(April) Contributing writer Michael Muckian penned a wonderful essay about a June 1978 evening when he was a cabbie in Madison and found himself driving a young Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Clemons and Steve Van Zandt. Illustrator Jeffrey Smith used photos from that era, including Muckian’s taxi ID, to create an original depiction of what that backseat fare might have looked like. A wonder, indeed. -Maggie Ginsberg, senior editor

A cabbie in the right place at the right time has such a fun brush-with-fame story to tell in this essay in our April issue. The accompanying illustration does such a nice job of setting the scene as that cab criss-crossed town with celebrities on board. -Sarah Frautschi, senior designer

A green velvet booth and white marble table. An array of colorful appetizers, glass plates, and wine glasses sit on the table.

Photo by Nikki Hansen

(April) Appetizers at The Harvey House

A man and a woman sit next to each other surrounded by horror props.

Photo by Patrick Stutz

(October) The story cover photo of BJ and Eileen Winslow is equal parts spooky and intriguing, and desperately makes me want to watch The Addams Family. I think it definitely captures the macabre energy that comes from a story about a horror prop shop. -Emma Waldinger, associate editor

Chef Itaru Nagano zests onto a plated dish.

Photo by Nikki Hansen

(March) This photo by Nikki Hansen was shot in the kitchen of Fairchild. A kitchen is not the most ideal place for a portrait session, but it was where we could capture chef Nagano in his element, putting his finishing touch on one of his amazing dishes. We shot against a paper background to simplify the background and create an intimate environment. The background was also changed from white to black in post production which made the skin tones pop more. A collaborative process between photographer and art director. -Tim Burton, creative director

A dog sits next to a decorative dog crate in a living room scape.

Photo by Youa Awasthi

(June) I love this photo for a few reasons: 1. Because Chris Hynes’ photo studio made for a really convincing living room set, 2. Because it felt like the dog in the shot — Groot, who was one of our Cutest Pet Winners — knew exactly what to do and struck multiple model poses, making this a super easy shot to get, and 3. I think this dog crate is really beautiful and such a good way to keep interior design in mind while still having a functional item in the room. -Andrea Behling, editor

An array of local spirits bottles are arranged with pink and purple flowers against a light pink background.

Photo by Nikki Hansen

(May) Happy hour and fresh flowers are two things that bring me great joy in life. From the punchy colored blooms, to the sweet pink background and array of pretty local liquor bottles — this photo promises a good time. -Sarah Frautschi, senior designer

A dark green room is decorated with stacks of yellow National Geographics and other knick-knacks, a glass coffee table and velvet couch.

Photo by Bob Coscarelli

(December) I’m not sure if it’s the photoshoot or if the interior decorating just does such a wonderful job of creating a beautiful image, but I had a lot of fun looking at these photos. Who would have thought to use old copies of National Geographic as a bold color element in a sitting room? I think it’s genius. I love the rest of the “high-low” style that’s used to decorate the camp. -Emma Waldinger, associate editor

A woman stands on a staircase in front of a large display of botanical pieces on gauzy fabric.

Photo by Hillary Schave

(May) Amanda McCavour’s “Suspended Landscapes” at Chazen Museum of Art

On a wooden table against an array of green plants, a beer, candle and plates of snacks are placed.

Photo by Nikki Hansen

(November) I loved how punchy and bright these photos turned out — especially those of Roll Play and Young Blood Beer Co. They seem like just the right mood for a snack-themed story. -Emma Waldinger, associate editor

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