GAB Approves Plan For Reviewing Recall Petitions

The board that oversees elections in Wisconsin has signed off on a plan for how it will handle reviewing what could be as many as 1.5 million signatures on petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

The Government Accountability Board voted Tuesday to seek an extra 30 days to review the petitions. Circulators need to turn in 540,208 by Jan. 17 for both Walker and Kleefisch, but the board is expecting even more to be submitted.

The plan approved on Tuesday calls for the board to seek court approval for an extra 30 days to review the petitions. Up to 50 temporary workers to help do that review are also expected to be hired.

The board also said it won’t use security guards at the location it ultimately chooses to review submitted recall petitions.

At its meeting Tuesday, the GAB explained that entrances and exits to the room where some 50 temporary staff will review signatures will be secured.

A chain of custody log on petitions will be kept, and the petitions will be locked in filing cabinets at night.

Election officials said they will be in touch with Capitol police if any problems arise.

Recall efforts are also under way against four incumbent Republican state senators.