Funeral home provides unlikely meeting place for ‘World’s Largest Puzzle’

REEDSBURG, Wis. — People of all ages gathered at Grasse Funeral Services this weekend to put together the world’s largest puzzle.

The puzzle is 60,000 pieces and was broken up into 22 individual puzzles. Funeral home owner Nina Grasse got the idea to host the event after hearing about the puzzle on TV.

Though it may be an unexpected place to gather to put together a puzzle, Grasse said the building’s size offers the perfect amount of space to complete it.

“I thought, we have the funeral home, we have tables, we could do it as a community event,” Grasse said.

They planned to complete the puzzle on Sunday but decided to push the project for a few weeks. The puzzle will be completed in Pardeeville at the Grasse’s additional funeral home there.

The event has drawn in puzzle lovers from all over the state.

“People came up from Madison and all over the place to complete the puzzle, so it’s more than just Reedsburg,” Grasse said.

The puzzle is called “What a Wonderful World,” and features a map of the globe showcasing dozens of iconic landmarks, from the Taj Mahal to Mount Rushmore.

“We learned that there’s lots of details which have made it more challenging, but people are having a wonderful time.”