Fresh Madison Market owner shows interest in E. Wash. development

Another local grocery store owner has announced he will be opening a store in the 800 Block Development on East Washington after Metcalfe’s Grocery left the project in October.

Jeff Maurer, owner of Fresh Madison Market, said he wants to make sure a local grocery store opens in the development rather than a national chain.

“The redevelopment of the entire East Washington corridor, the gateway to our great city, is critical,” Maurer said. “It is also critical that local businesses occupy any new developments on East Washington. Local ownership and small business is the lifeblood of our economy.”

Fresh Madison Market and C.D. Smith Construction originally proposed a plan for the 800 Block Development, but the selection committee chose the proposal that included Metcalfe’s earlier in the year, according to the release. Now, with no grocery store in the original development plan, the committee may look at moving to the backup plan of C.D. Smith Construction and Fresh Madison Market.

Maurer and representatives from C.D. Smith said they are eager for the 800 Block Committee, as well as the City of Madison Economic Development Department, to reconvene and discuss the next steps for the redevelopment plan.

“There is momentum in the redevelopment plans, and taking too much time to complete this project would be detrimental to the entire City of Madison,” Maurer said.