Willy Street Co-op East introduces fresh food robot to make meals, snacks

Willy Street Co-op is the first Madison business to have Sally the Robot.
exterior of willy street co-op
Courtesy of Willy Street Co-op

Willy Street Co-op East is the first Madison business to have Sally the Robot, a custom bowl making robot created by Chowbotics.

Sally creates thousands of custom meals and snacks combinations using up to 22 ingredients. According to a release, Sally will work next to Willy Street Co-op’s culinary team to expand meal offerings. “We’re really excited to be the first in Madison to offer Sally the Robot to customers,” says Dustin Skelley, prepared foods category manager at Willy Street Co-op.

Users will be able to go up to Sally and use the touchscreen to create a meal that fits everyone’s dietary needs by adding or subtracting ingredients.

Chowbotics, which was recently acquired by DoorDash, also has a mobile app so users can use Sally completely contactless. Chowbotics has sold more than 350 robots worldwide and Willy Street Co-op East is home to Madison’s first.

Dustin Skelley standing next to Sally the Robot

Dustin Skelley with Sally the Robot (Photo courtesy of Willy Street Co-op East)

Dustin Skelley, prepared goods category manager at Willy Street Co-op, with Sally the Salad Robot

“In the era of COVID-19, Sally’s proprietary technology has become even more important as a means to not only continue, but elevate the self-serve experience,” says Penn Daniel, general manager of Chowbotics by DoorDash.

All of the ingredients are kept in sealed containers under constant refrigeration, the release says. The team is sent expiration notifications when items are no longer fresh. Since the food is not exposed to open air and constantly refrigerated, it can last longer.

“Sally puts a new spin on making your own salad, with an extra emphasis on safety,” Skelley says. “All ingredients are bought, prepared, and stocked by Willy Street Co-op staff. Sally allows us to offer chef-curated menus featuring portion-controlled ingredients we would normally not be able to offer on a traditional salad bar.”Footer that says Subscribe with covers of Madison Magazine