Freezing rain could make slick surfaces Saturday

Milder temps arrive
Freezing rain could make slick surfaces Saturday

Freezing rain could make roads and sidewalks slippery on Saturday morning.

News 3 meteorologist Haddie McLean said southerly winds will bring warmer air into the region with high temperatures climbing to the upper 20s Friday afternoon. Overnight, temperatures will be relatively mild aloft, but still below freezing at the surface.

Freezing drizzle or light freezing rain will develop overnight. Surface temperatures aren’t expected to climb above the freezing point until mid-morning, so sidewalks and roads might be slippery on Saturday morning.

A freezing rain advisory is in place for southern Wisconsin for Friday night and Saturday morning.

Temperatures will remain above freezing through the rest of the weekend with drizzle and occasional rain showers. Colder air will return on Monday causing any rain to mix with and change over to snow.