Former reverend wants felony charges thrown out

Former reverend wants felony charges thrown out
Bruce Burnside

The former Lutheran reverend accused of driving drunk and killing a woman with his car wants the charges against him thrown out.

Attorneys for Bruce Burnside argue that evidence from a blood draw after the crash on April 7 should not be admissible in court.

The 60-year-old is facing multiple felonies in the crash that killed Maureen Mengeldt.

Defense lawyers said a combination of factors should not have created probable cause for police to administer a breath test.

A criminal complaint said Burnside’s preliminary breath test results were .128 percent.

“People of the clergy are usually honest. He left the scene of an accident, which I thought was odd that someone in the clergy wouldn’t stop and render aid,” Sun Prairie police officer Michelle Wilson said.

It is not clear when a judge could make a decision on Thursday’s motion to dismiss the charges.

A March trial date is still scheduled.