Former Brewer’s son joins Mallards

Tate Matheny patrols outfield in Madison
Former Brewer’s son joins Mallards

Mike Matheny played his first five big league seasons with the Brewers. 

“I intended on ending my career with the Brewers.”

These days, Matheny manages the dreaded St. Louis Cardinals.

This summer, baseball fans in Madison can root for at least one Matheny. Mike’s son Tate plays outfield for the Mallards. Tate just finished his freshman season with Missouri State, where he earned Freshman All-American honors. 

“I think the fans will be pleased with how Tate treats people and how he plays the game,” the proud father said. 

Despite Tate’s big league father, he doesn’t get his athleticism from his dad. 

“My wife was definitely the better athlete of us two,” Mike says. 

“She was a field hockey player at the University of Michigan. She’s really fast. I think that’s where I get my athleticism,” adds Tate. 

“And I’ve stayed away from his swing just enough for him to be a good hitter,” jokes Mike. 

Last summer it paid off, when Tate was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. The patriarch of the Matheny family says that decision was done against his will, but he appreciated the gesture. 

Getting drafted is the first step in Tate’s ultimate goal. 

“I’d like to go the the big leagues like any other kid.” 

Tate Matheny patrols outfield in Madison