For the Record: UW nurses describe what happened inside the negotiating room to avoid a strike

Also on For the Record: Environmental impact of deer hunt in Wisconsin as bow season begins

FTR: UW nurses on what happened inside the room of last weekend’s union negotiations at the Governor’s Mansion

Last weekend, UW nurses, SEIU union representatives, and UW leadership met at the Governor’s Mansion for hours into the night on Friday and all day Sunday, hammering out an agreement that would ultimately stave off a 3-day strike planned to begin Tuesday.

Mary Jorgenson was there through the hours of negotiations, and described how it all went down: sometimes tense, and lots of caucusing. When they were finished, not all nurses were (or are) on board — Shari Signer, a founding leader of the movement, described how she was initially skeptical before she understood the details of the agreement.

Jorgenson and Signer joined Naomi Kowles on For the Record for an in-depth look into how it all went down — and what’s happening now inside the hospital moving forward.

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FTR: Wisconsin’s larger environmental goals amid start of bow season 

Former News 3 Now meteorologist (and FTR fill-in host) Dana Fulton made her return to the News 3 airwaves alongside her colleague Jeff Pritzl at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

As bow season begins in the state this weekend, Fulton and Pritzl explain the strategies behind the hunt — and why people should consider trying the woods out for themselves.