For the Record: State supreme court race heats up; Reporter talks investigation into ‘fetal protection’ law

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FTR: Wisconsin Supreme Court race could get messy with four-way primary

This past week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court race set for this spring featured Judge Jennifer Dorow getting into the race after overseeing her high-profile trial that convicted Darrell Brooks of six counts of murder and other charges in the Waukesha Parade tragedy.

The race heated up as conservative-backed and former justice Dan Kelly accused the Walker appointee of having no qualifications apart from overseeing the trial, to which Dorow fired back that he had never been a prosecutor.

Four-way primaries aren’t common in Wisconsin Supreme  Court races, professor Rob Yablon explained on For the Record this Sunday.

The race will decide whether the high court maintains its 4-3 conservative lean, or flips its leaning to liberal as justice Pat Roggensack retires. Liberal-backed judges who have entered the race include Dane County Circuit Court judge Everett Mitchell, as well as Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge Janet Protasiewicz.

FTR: Full interview with Judge Dorow

This week, political reporter Will Kenneally sat down with Judge Dorow to discuss her judicial perspective as she weighed whether to run.

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The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism published an investigation this week, finding that officials investigate about 400 pregnant people annually for alleged ‘unborn child abuse’. Critics say the law is legally unclear and can do more harm than good.

WCIJ Investigative reporter Phoebe Petrovic joined For the Record to discuss her investigation.

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