For The Record: Ron Johnson, Inauguration Day, and a third Madison mayoral candidate

MADISON, Wis. — After a holiday hiatus, For The Record is back for the new year.

New documents show Johnson’s involvement in alternate elector plan

UW Journalism professor Mike Wagner joins to discuss newly released documents from the Jan. 6 Committee showing Sen. Ron Johnson’s involvement in a plan to use an alternate slate of electors to re-elect Donald Trump. He also wraps up what to expect going forward as the committee finalizes its work and makes its recommendations.

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Wisconsin rings in Inauguration Day

News 3 Now political reporter Will Kenneally breaks down Inauguration Day at the State Capitol with Naomi Kowles, as new terms begin for multiple lawmakers including Gov. Tony Evers.

A third candidate enters Madison’s mayoral race

On previous editions of For The Record, you’ve met Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and one of her opponents, former police officer Gloria Reyes. Now it’s time to meet the third candidate in the race, Scott Kerr.

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