For the Record: Rockford abortion clinic to open in spring 2023; Madison mayoral race continues

Madison-area group moves forward in opening Rockford abortion clinic

Profiled recently in the Madison Magazine, the Rockford Family Planning Foundation is on target to open in the Spring of 2023, barring any construction issues.

President Jeanne Bissell joined For the Record to provide updates on the organization, which came together after the leak of the Dobbs decision — along with Dr. Dennis Christensen and a number of other volunteers in the Madison area.

The clinic hopes to serve 1,500 patients a year from northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, and plans on a capacity of up to 2,000. So far, the non-profit has raised $700,000 of their $1.5 million goal.

Madison mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway talks mayoral race

When asked to address the claim from her opponent that crime had risen in Madison under her watch, incumbent Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway had a quick retort: “Absolutely not.”

On For the Record, Rhodes-Conway responded to claims challenger and former school board president Gloria Reyes has made about her tenure since her announcement to challenge her in the spring election.

Reyes said on FTR last week that she would explore bringing school resource officers back into Madison’s four high schools; Rhodes-Conway said she saw no reason to step outside mayoral responsibilities to tell the school board what should or shouldn’t be done on the issue.

Rhodes-Conway also discussed how she plans to tackle affordable housing and new projects if elected to a second term, saying a renewed look at zoning changes that could usher in easier housing construction would be high on her list of priorities.

‘Go back to Somalia’: Barron city council member discusses opposition to Islamic call to prayer

Earlier this month, members of the public turned out to a city council meeting in Barron to oppose a request from the city’s sizable Somali population to publicly broadcast their call to prayer.

Eventually, council member Isaak Mohamed in consultation with other Somali leaders opted to withdraw the request to try and return to the community’s former peace.

But the angry and at times hateful words directed at his community in the meeting, he said on For the Record, were unusual and left his community disappointed.

Listen to his full interview above.