‘Please help us’: The plea of Ukrainians who fled war to Madison

MADISON, Wis. — A Ukrainian family who fled the war to the Madison area, necessarily torn from their father and other loved ones in Ukraine, sat down with Naomi Kowles and Susan Siman on this week’s For the Record.

Siman told their story of escape on News 3 Now this Thursday with the help of a Fitchburg family, and now Snizhana Bykova and son Daniil Bykov are evaluating what comes next.

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As their father in Western Ukraine helps with humanitarian efforts, the family is sending a message on behalf of the Ukrainian people to the U.S.: “Please help us,” Bykova begged.

“Not only military people die, not only army dies, but they destroy schools, kindergartens, even hospitals,” Bykov said.

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