Food in Time

I was just watching NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams asked the question, “Where were you when Apollo 11 landed on the moon?” I do remember, and of course, it involves food. I was just finishing up dinner with friends in a Greek restaurant in London. They had hooked up a black and white TV in the dining room and everyone was intently watching, especially the owner. This was a neighborhood place we habited frequently. When the landing craft touched down on the surface of the moon a big cheer went up and shortly thereafter the owner brought everyone ice cream adorned with little paper American flags, and as always, mint-flavored Turkish Delight. The owner refused to let us pay for dinner! The moon walk that came later I didn’t see live because of the time difference. But I remember the headlines of the London papers the next day, “One Small Step …” Anytime the subject of the moon landing comes up or I see Turkish Delight, I always think about this restaurant and that evening.