Flood warnings issued for Wisconsin River in Portage

National Weather Service predicts flooding in Portage
Flood warnings issued for Wisconsin River in Portage

The National Weather Service has issued a flood forecast for the Wisconsin River in Portage.

The high water on the Wisconsin River is from the buildup of significant ice dams. According to the NWS, the nature of ice dams is unpredictable, and it’s unknown if the water will continue to rise in the Portage area, or if additional ice dams will form at other locations on the river.

Portage is currently experiencing flooded roads in the lower areas of Blackhawk Park. Residents located near that area are encouraged to evacuate.

People who live in low-lying areas along the Wisconsin River are encouraged to monitor the river levels for any increases.

Because of the conditions created by the ice dams, assistance from fire, EMS and law enforcement could be delayed into areas affected by the flooding.

Local authorities will continue to monitor the problem and provide updated information as it becomes available.

If people are need of assistance, they are advised to contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.