FITS network helps Wis. Dells families in need

Group continues to offer assistance when kids are out of school
FITS network helps Wis. Dells families in need

When a federal grant to help homeless children in Wisconsin Dells expired three years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers stepped up.

Families in Transition Support Network is an independent community group that works with the Wisconsin Dells School District. They offer food, clothing, school supplies, haircuts and more to families in need.

“It is an amazing resource. I’ve worked in other districts where the problems are still there. We still have families that are homeless. We still have kids that are hungry and we maybe don’t have this community organization,” said Director of pupil services in the Wisconsin Dells school district Dawn Sine.

Throughout the area’s five schools the district has between 50 and 100 kids who are homeless each year. Half of district’s students are on free or reduced lunch programs.

“If you’re sitting in the classroom you don’t have the proper supplies, you don’t have the paper and the pens required, it’s a distraction and you’re not focused on what your teacher is teaching,” said FITS President Lisa Delmore.

But as the last day of school hits Friday, there’s no guarantee when these kids could get their next meal.

The school doesn’t have summer programming, but FITS continues to host free dinners once a month through the summer and works with other community groups to ensure the Dells children know their neighbors care.

You can learn more about Families in Transition Support Network on Facebook or their official website

FITS network helps Wis. Dells families in need