Fishing methods for using artificial lures

Fishing methods for using artificial lures

When fishing with artificial lures, take a look at some fishing methods that can help you succeed on your next fishing trip.

Cast and retrieve: According to, cast and retrieve can be used with any type of artificial lure. With this method, cast your lure out to your target and let it fall into the water. When you retrieve the line, try to reel it in so it mimics a moving fish. Repeat this process.

Topwater fishing: This technique uses a floating lure. According to, this method is executed the same as the Cast and Retrieve method, but having the lure on the top of the water mimics a dying fish.

Jigging: states this is the best method for new fishermen and women. This technique makes the lure look like an injured fish. To do this, drop the lure straight down. When it hits the bottom, snap your wrist quickly. Then let the lure fall again. Keep repeating this process.

Trolling: Trolling involves dragging lures behind the boat while the boat slowly moves forward. This will keep the lure moving, resembling a live fish.