FISA court looking at all of FBI lawyer’s warrant applications

FISA court looking at all of FBI lawyer’s warrant applications
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Carter Page speaks to CNN about the accusations against him detailed in the foreign surveillance warrant application released by the FBI.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that approved the Carter Page wiretap now wants to know more about all applications it’s seen from an FBI attorney who allegedly changed a detail in the Page application.

The review, revealed in an order released by the court on Friday, suggests a sweeping attempt by the ultra-secretive court to reassess surveillance, and comes as the court is responding to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s findings of mistakes in the Page application process.

On December 5, the FISC ordered the executive branch to identify for it “all other matters currently or previously before this Court” that involved FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. The court also asked for descriptions of how the Justice Department and FBI is verifying that those submissions were accurate.

The FISC order also asks for information on whether Clinesmith — referred to as “an attorney in the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel” in the order — faces possible disciplinary action from the bar.

An FBI spokesperson said Friday that the FBI has complied with the court’s order, but had no further comment.

The Justice Department told the FISA court between October 25 and November 27 this year that its Carter Page applications had misstatements or omissions in them, primarily regarding the altered email about Page being a government source, according to the order released on Friday.

Judge Rosemary Collyer signed the order, which was unclassified and public on Friday.

It is unknown whether the FISC will make the administration’s responses public.

Clinesmith resigned from the FBI and is under criminal investigation related to the change he made in the Page documents. His attorney has not responded to requests for comment. He has not been charged with a crime.