Fire on ice: Ryan Suchanek’s story

Milton man breaks own fastest wheelie record

You’d think the weather we’ve had this winter and motorcycles don’t exactly go together. Unless, of course, you’re Ryan Suchanek of Milton. He’s shooting for a spot in the Guinness world record book.

The “wheelie king” was at it again last weekend.

If time flies when you are having fun, then no one lives faster than Ryan Suchanek. 

Saturday on Lake Koshkonong, Suchanek rode a wheelie on his sports bike at 109.5 miles per hour for 200, meters breaking his own world record in front of a nervous crowd of family and friends.

“I give them credit for being able to watch me, because I don’t like to watch my buddy Joe. It just looks scary,” said Suchanek.

But fear hasn’t kept Suchanek out of the record books or from entertaining people of all corners of the globe.

“I’ve been to China, Singapore, Mylaysia, Indonesia, Canada,” Suchanek.

While he’s appeared to defy physics all over the world, Suchanek’s biggest challenge took place closer to home.

“Oct. 5, 2007, I was on my way home from work and got hit by a car. I got med-flighted to Madison.  I woke up six weeks later with no left leg,” said Suchanek.

Even the loss of his leg couldn’t slow down, Suchanek who used the accident as motivation.    

“It pushed me to get better. To go through all the rehab and get to where I can bend my leg again and walk like a normal person, because I wanted to sit on a motorcycle again,” said Suchanek.

And after rehabbing almost as fast as he rides wheelies Suchanek was back to his old tricks.

“Six months to the date (of the accident),  I did a show in China for the MotoGP event.,” said Suchanek.

After what he’s been through, Suchanek stops short of saying he’d want his son to chase his records.

“I’d like to see him do something slower, maybe the slowest wheelie on ice,” said Suchanek.

That said, Ryan plans to continue living life in the fast lane.

“I’d like to hit 120 (mph), so that’s kind of what my goal is now,” said Suchanek.