Film coalition brings movies back to basics

Cinematheque free to all, but seating limited
Film coalition brings movies back to basics

A Madison-area film coalition, Cinematheque, offers audiences a chance to see top films in their original format.

Cinematheque screens 35mm and 16mm prints at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Vilas Hall and the Chazen Museum of Art.

“My own personal taste, it’s just a feeling of warmth I get by watching an original 35mm print. It’s almost like the difference between listening to a CD and an original LP on vinyl,” said Jim Healy, director of programming for Cinematheque.

Healy described the program as an opportunity to see some of the best films audiences may not see at another Madison theater.

Cinematheque runs through spring, summer and fall. People can see films for free, but seats are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Organizers offers an array of genres including but not limited to documentaries, animated films and westerns.

In time for Oscar season, Cinematheque has been featuring films from the Academy Film Archive, a collection established by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

At times, they will show digital copies, but bringing back the best movies in their original 35 mm and 16 mm formats is important.

“What we’re offering is an alternate path to discover cinema history, good movies that have either forgotten by history or that people need to see again to be reminded of the achievements of filmmakers of the past,” said Healy.

Cinematheque staff said they hope through their work movie lovers will expand their knowledge of the history of film.

“You’re going to see good movies here and a lot of times you’re going to see things you didn’t even know existed,” said Healy.