Family participates in online trend making picnic tables for squirrels


Well, the toilet paper thing has run its course so let’s talk about squirrels.

For one family in Fremont, it’s all hands on deck making sure the squirrels are cared for.

“My wife sent me a picture from Pinterest and said, ‘this looks cool.’ I said, ‘we can make that,’” said Bradley Klco. “So that night I ended up building eight of them.”

What started with a handful of projects, turned into a few more for Bradley Klco.

“I figured we’d sell the rest on surplus sites, but then they were gone by the end of the night,” said Klco.

And now these are piling up in his family’s kitchen.

“They’re squirrel picnic table feeders,” said Klco. “It’s been non-stop. I haven’t even had time for a haircut.”

The idea came when health measures started keeping us inside.

Since March, hundreds of people have been buying the tiny tables for their own back yard entertainment.

Klco received so many orders, his kids are helping out on the assembly line.

“I made this jig that holds the wood in place so the kids can help. They actually took their allowance money and bought the raw material,” said Klco.

The feeders have become a sort of phenomenon in Fremont so Klco is donating feeders that a group will drop off to assisted living centers in the area.

“I’ve seen the assisted living centers and the boredom that can take place. So if they get something that lets them look out the window and see some squirrels messing around, I’m sure that’ll make them happy,” said Klco.

The family has made enhancements to the feeders and even started making larger ones for raccoons.