Family of missing man Christopher Miller holds protest for answers

DEFOREST, Wis. – The family and friends of missing Madison man Christopher Miller held a protest outside of the Wisconsin State Patrol office in De Forest Saturday morning asking for answers about what happened to him.

Miller went missing in the early morning hours of November 19 after Wisconsin State Patrol troopers said he led them on a chase when they tried to pull him over for speeding. Officials said Miller eventually stopped and fled on foot. He hasn’t been seen since.

For him to just up and disappear like this and not talk to his family is not like him,” said Miller’s fiancé Mallory Duerst.

His family says they’ve been asking law enforcement what happened for months, but they haven’t gotten the answers they’re looking for.

“We have had very little assistance, we feel like, from law enforcement in finding him,” said Duerst. “I think our biggest goal right now is we’ve been trying to have a sit down meeting with Rock County and State Patrol to ask questions that we have.”

They say the case has been passed between the Wisconsin State Patrol, Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Madison police and it’s not clear to them who is in charge of the search.

“Nobody wants to be accountable for who dropped the baton, but if we hand it to all these different hands, who is accountable?” said Kyle Shrader, a friend of Miller’s fiancé. “Somebody has an answer, and somebody needs to speak that answer.”

They’re still hoping to get answers from law enforcement but are also turning to social media and the public for help.

Speak. It’s all you have to do,” said Shrader. “If you’re on social media, share buttons. If you’re at the grocery store, tell the lady that’s checking you out or the gentleman, ‘hey have you heard about chris miller?'”

If you could please just share,” said Duerst. “Share stories about him. We’re just trying to keep his name and story in the public light.”