Family marks 3-month anniversary of Tony Robinson’s death

Tony Robinson’s family sues city, officer

Family and friends of Tony Robinson market the three-month anniversary of his death by celebrating his life Saturday.

The group held a block part on Willy Street, grilling and playing music in Tony’s honor.

“The hardest part about all of this is people continue with their lives,” says Lorien Carter, Tony’s aunt. “They’re living their lives and having their relationships and giving birth and doing all these mundane things – but the pain still sits with us.”

The 19-year-old was shot and killed by Madison police officer Matt Kenny in March. Kenny has been cleared of any wrongdoing both by the MPD and Dane County DA Ishmael Ozanne.

Among the songs played was a track, “Motivation,” written in remembrance of Tony. Rapper Chaos New Money took part in its creation and said he felt a duty to put the song together.

“Because that’s what I really feel like Tony Robinson is, is motivation to really look and try and see the change in the way these situations are handled,” Chaos says.

Part of the song’s music video was shot Saturday as friends and family members released balloons for their lost loved one.

“Justice for Tony – and that’s what we’re going to be screaming until we can’t scream it anymore,” Chaos says.