Family fulfills man’s dying wish to be buried with cheesesteaks

A Pennsylvania man who took his cheesesteaks very seriously was granted his dying wish by being buried with two of the sandwiches from his favorite shop.

After Richard Lussi died from heart complications on Oct. 10, his grandson, Dominic, said a group of family members made the trip to Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia to collect two of Lussi’s beloved sandwiches for his coffin. They told The Philadelphia Inquirer they meant to buy just one, but remembered a piece of advice Lussi had bestowed upon them: “If you’re going to Pat’s you always get two, you never order just one. It’s a waste of time.”

The owner of Pat’s, Frank Olivieri Jr., said he was flattered and bewildered by someone choosing to be buried with his sandwiches. He went on to speculate that maybe the food was a “bribe for Saint Peter.”