Expulsion recommended for UW student accused of sexual assault

Expulsion recommended for UW student accused of sexual assault

The University of Wisconsin-Madison committee has recommended expulsion for a student accused of assaulting another student.

Alec R. Shiva, 18, of Verona, faces multiple felony charges in connection with a reported sexual assault in November at a UW-Madison dorm room, officials said.

A non-academic misconduct hearing committee voted to recommend that Shiva be expelled. He has until April 7 to appeal the recommendation.

According to a criminal complaint, Shiva was high on LSD when he and the woman attended a protest on Bascom Hill. The victim told police she and Shiva went to the rally briefly, but that Shiva was not making sense and became paranoid when they reached the rally. The victim said Shiva made comments about someone trying to kill him and he was confused, so she walked with Shiva to Sellery Hall, where he lives, to make sure he was okay.

When they got to his dorm room, he pushed her inside, locked the deadbolt and told her they had to stay there, according to the criminal complaint. The woman said Shiva pushed her back on the bed, grabbed her around the neck, forced her to kiss him, groped her and licked her on face, neck and chest. He also bit her on her face, neck and left breast. She told police Shiva was holding her down and said, “I’m going to rape you now is that okay?” Shiva and the woman struggled as he tried to hold her down and she screamed “Help me.” She was able to break away from Shiva, unlock the door and run into the hallway.

The victim had texted a friend when Shiva locked her in the room. Her friend arrived at the dorm, found the woman crying and was told that Shiva assaulted her. When the woman’s friend confronted Shiva, he was talking incoherently because he was on LSD, the man told police. He and the woman claimed Shiva takes LSD often and keeps drugs locked in his dresser drawer. The man said he’d never seen Shiva act that way when he was high in the past.

Shiva was arrested on suspicion of second-degree sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment, strangulation, disorderly conduct. He also faces a charge of criminal damage to property for breaking a dorm room mirror valued at about $100, according to the report.

He’s scheduled to appear in court April 24 for a status conference.