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Dr. Joseph Cristoforo

Dr. Joseph Cristoforo | Dental Implant and Periodontal Specialists

Patients at Dental Implant and Periodontal Specialists are treated by Madison’s most experienced periodontist. Dr. Joseph Cristoforo, a Harvard trained, board certified periodontist, has been providing expert care for over 25 years.

Dr. Cristoforo’s continual drive for excellence inspires him to keep up with innovative technology and treatments. For example, he and his staff rapidly adjusted to contend with COVID-19, including installing three unique high tech air purification systems. “We’re doing everything possible to provide a safe environment for patients and staff,” Cristoforo says.

A leading provider of cosmetic periodontal services, the clinic is also one of the few in Madison to use an exciting new treatment called platelet-rich fibrin to accelerate tissue regeneration, effectively harnessing the body’s own healing potential.

The clinic provides many specialized periodontal services, notably dental implant therapy — a life enhancing procedure for anyone missing one or more teeth. “Dental implants help patients regain functionality and aesthetics,” Cristoforo says. “We bring quality back to their lives.”

At a Glance
What our Patients Say:
“Dr. Cristoforo and his staff take the time to explain things and the experience was surprisingly painless and efficient.”
Location: 6601 Mineral Point Road, Suite 101, Madison, 841-1600
Online: dentalimplantperio.com

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