EXCLUSIVE: News 3 obtains complete copy of manifesto sent to White House

EXCLUSIVE: News 3 obtains complete copy of manifesto sent to White House

News 3 has exclusively obtained the full manifesto Joseph Jakubowski sent to the White House.

Law enforcement sources confirmed that News 3 this is a copy of what was sent to the president.

Read the full manifesto here.

Jakubowski, 32, is wanted in connection with the April 4 burglary and theft of multiple firearms from Armageddon Supplies, a gun and ammunition store in Janesville, and the arson nearby of a vehicle registered to him less than 30 minutes later.

In a news release Thursday night, police said they have now received 785 tips, and investigators are actively following up on 158 of them.

In the 161-page manifesto, Jakubowski makes pleas to dismantle the government, police and religion. He stresses the importance of shedding light on truth and setting society’s mind free. He also talks about “unlearning what you know.”

It starts simply by saying, “Give the people honor and dignity. Tell the people the truth.”

Jakubowski blames the government and the “system for creating evil, pain and criminals in the world.” He makes a lot of references to becoming a slave to the system and believes those who adhere to the government laws and religion are brainwashed.

He describes himself as being tricked and manipulated by the system and said he won’t stand for it anymore. Besides his distrust for political figures, religion and police, he stresses “any individual who wishes me death by the system, must die with the system!”

The Janesville man explains his reasons for stealing 18 guns was a need to maintain his survival and defend his life. He also said he doesn’t want to live in a life without freedom.

“Life has lost meaning. Life has lost purpose and value! This is the last drop of blood I will ever willingly give the system again to verify I am truly who I say I am! Give me freedom or give me death!” Jakubowski wrote.

He claims he comes in peace but said he has a right to defend his life and believes there is no way to compromise to come to a solution.