Ex-boyfriend falls through woman’s ceiling after hiding in attic

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Elvia Santana/freeimages.com

A Kansas woman who was afraid an intruder had broken into her home was surprised when her ex-boyfriend’s legs punched through her ceiling, revealing he’d been hiding in the attic.

Capt. Paul Forrester of the Salina Police Department told the Salina Journal the 23-year-old woman returned home to find her chain lock had been locked from the inside, prompting her to call police to check her home. Police left after they didn’t find anyone, but two hours later, Tyler Bergkamp’s, 25, legs broke through the ceiling.

The woman’s current boyfriend was at the house at the time and managed to pull Bergkamp all the way through the ceiling. They began to fight, wrestling each other to the front lawn by the time police arrived.

Three young children were in the home at the time of the incident.

Bergkamp is charged with aggravated burglary, stalking, criminal damage to property, criminal threat and possession of methamphetamine.