Ever wanted to own a bridge? WisDOT says you can

Three historic bridges are being offered for free

MADISON, Wis. — Have you ever wanted to own your very own bridge? Now you can.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is offering up three historic steel truss bridges on WIS 130, free of charge.

There is a catch, though.

Recipients of the bridges must move the bridges from their current locations, and be willing to preserve their structural integrity.

While limited funds are available from the state to assist in the removal of the bridges, the recipient will be responsible for preparing a new site and bridge maintenance.

The bridges are located in Buena Vista, Spring Green, and Clyde. Two of the bridges were built in 1932, and the other was built between 1942 and 1943.

Anyone interested in information about receiving the bridges should contact Sue Barker at Susan.Barker@mbakerintl.com or call 608-821-8712

The bridges are set to be replaced in 2024.