Eric Trump visits Milton for rally event

MILTON, Wis. — President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, visited Milton today for a rally event in anticipation of the election just over three weeks away.

Trump spoke to a crowd at Diamond Assets, an IT consulting company and called out the Democratic Party for wanting to pack the Supreme Court and reform police.

“You have Biden coming out, we want to reimagine what policing is, we want to reallocate fund for policing, want to take funds away from police and put them into social work. If someone is driving 120 miles down the highway at 3 a.m., is a social worker going to pull them over?” Trump said this afternoon.

He also spoke on the recent vice presidential debates, bringing up Kamala Harris’ comments on Biden saving the auto industry in addition to his thoughts on the recent Supreme Court nomination.

Attendees said they were glad to see the president’s son come out: “…to know there are other fellow patriots here and to let him now how much we love and support his father,” said event attendees MaryAnn Suprenant and Dianne James.

Ivanka Trump will also campaign for her father in Calumet County tomorrow.