Entire Colorado theme park up for auction

Entire Colorado theme park up for auction
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Here’s a novel way to skip the line for the Ferris wheel: Buy the theme park and build it in your backyard.

For those with the space, the cash and who are within driving distance of Golden, Colorado, those candy-floss dreams could come true Oct. 25, when the entire contents of Heritage Square Amusement Park go up for public auction.

Whether you’re hankering for a Tilt-a-Whirl, a roller coaster or a swan-shaped paddle boat, it all goes under the hammer, on site, at 10.30 a.m, with a preview inspection at 9 a.m.

Located a half-hour drive from Denver, Heritage Square — a free-entry family destination with a Gold Rush theme — closed in June 2018 after 47 years.

Alan Bader, who operated the park for the past 20 years, describes it as “a throwback in time.”

“People on almost any budget could come up to the park and have a nice day, with the scenic foothills in the background,” says Bader.

The oldest ride for sale is a 1963 Tilt-a-Whirl, while others include a 1980 space shuttle (rebuilt in 2018) and a 2013 zip line. There are also picnic benches, soft-serve ice-cream machines and arcade games up for grabs.

Dan Satow, of Norton of Michigan Auctioneers, tells CNN Travel they’ve had “calls from all across the country,” with the interest being “primarily from other parks.”

With the landowner calling in the lease on the property and profitability having been an increasing struggle, Bader tells CNN Travel he hopes “the pieces are bought by small business owners. Even if larger businesses buy our attractions, they will be pleased with the TLC we gave to the rides.”

Bader’s own children grew up at the park and many of the attractions are set to have new lives entertaining fresh generations of young people.

“My favorite memories at Heritage Square is seeing the park full with parents and children having fun. The smiles are what I will miss most.”

Auction location: On site at the former Heritage Square Amusement Park at 18301 Colfax Ave. (RT 40), Golden, Colorado 80401